What Can You Expect From Hypnotherapy Sessions?

They are your investment in your health and wellbeing

Hypnosis is a completely natural state, one that everyone goes in and out of a number of times through the day and at night.

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What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is like the relaxed mental state we experience between wakefulness and sleep, indicated by the same alpha brain wave patterns as hypnosis. It is also where we dream at night, whether you remember them or not.

It’s also the place your mind goes when you daydream or your mind wanders off to another time or place – relaxing, thinking, etc. Or, when you’re totally focused, such as watching TV or a movie, studying, driving a car, playing computer games, etc. These are all examples of everyday natural trance or hypnosis. 

It’s in this natural state that the inward focus of the mind increases, so that the subconscious mind becomes more receptive and responsive to positive suggestions and ideas. And by harnessing this focus so you can make positive changes much more easily and effectively.

As well as occurring naturally many times each day, hypnosis can be brought about intentionally, usually through focusing exercises and/or relaxation. You can take yourself into hypnosis (self hypnosis) or have a professional clinical hypnotherapist guide you, helping you achieve your goals.

When you’re in hypnosis it is not like being asleep or unconscious (a popular misconception) because you are very aware while you are experiencing it, or it might be like going in and out of a day dream. You can hear the hypnotherapist’s voice and other sounds, and you are able to come out of hypnosis at any time, if you needed or wanted to. You can speak, if asked a question, and more (move your body, scratch your nose, etc).  You are in control. Although, when you are so relaxed, you’ll probably just want to keep on relaxing and enjoy!

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is simply hypnosis + therapy.

It can powerfully and effectively assist you in many ways to help you make the positive changes you desire in your life.

It can help you with your career or work, your relationships / personal life, your sport, your health, your learning, your spiritual development, and much more.
As the mind and body work as one, suggestions or processes used by your Hypnotherapist have to be appropriate and accepted by your subconscious. Once accepted, they can have a very powerful and therapeutic effect on both.
Because hypnotherapy is focussing your attention, it’s very like meditation or mindfulness. And while all allow you to achieve similar levels of relaxation, there is a major difference…
  • With Meditation – you are usually focussing on your breath and attempting to “empty” or clear your mind, letting go of everyday thoughts and worries.
  • With Mindfulness – you are focussing your attention in the moment – E.g. on your breath, a flower, the sun on your face, etc.
  • With Hypnotherapy – you are focusing initially on your breath, then on the hypnotherapist’s voice, so it is similar to both of the above. The difference is that the hypnotherapist is presenting you with  appropriate, positive suggestions and techniques that can assist you to achieve your desired goals. Instead of “emptying” your mind, you are powerfully focussing your mind on goal-orientated, positive outcomes.

As all of the above utilise similar brain wave levels, and as explained in “What is Hypnosis”, you are “in” the state of hypnosis whether you are engaging in meditation, mindfulness, or hypnotherapy, as well as naturally going into that state a number of times during the day and night. 

There are many reasons why we do something which we now no longer want to do. E.g. keep smoking and/or eating, lack motivation or confidence, procrastinate, have a phobia, or have some sort of behaviour we want to get rid of or reduce. And there are a number of ways of dealing with each of these with Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is not only a science, it’s also an art.  And the knowledge, experience and the skill of the Hypnotherapist can go a long way to ensuring a positive outcome for you.

It is also important that as a client, you maintain a positive outlook about working towards and achieving your goal, and be willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Many of the issues we deal with are backed up by anecdotal or scientific research.

The reality is that we are all different.  We each respond differently to situations and so it is with hypnosis. And with Hypnotherapy, it usual takes a much shorter time (i.e. less sessions) than with some other ‘talking’ therapies (E.g. CBT, etc) to make positive and effective change.

Some people can achieve their goal within 4-6 sessions, whilst others need more help. That is part of being the unique person you are.  And Hypnotherapy can be very effective, and often requires fewer sessions, so is more cost effective.

Hypnotherapy can be used for many things – it has a very broad application base. It has been used for many years with medical treatment – it was accepted as a viable therapy by the British and American Medical Associations back in the 1950’s. There is a hypnotherapy clinic for IBS at a hospital in Manchester, UK. 

Learn More About The Different Uses For Hypnotherapy

These are just some of the many uses we have for Hypnotherapy, and there are many more.

  • Behavioural changes: Reduce anxiety and stress, get rid of insomnia, improve motivation, focus, and confidence, increase creativity, stop procastinating, learn how to manage or stop anger, road rage,  and more.
  • Weight Loss: Quit Snacking, reduce food intake, increase movement & exercise,
  • Sport: Get rid of blocks and performance fears, imrove skills, mnetal rehersal and concentration, and more.
  • Phobias:  flying, public speaking, spiders/insects/birds/etc. heights, elevators, needles, agoraphobia, claustropobia, etc.
  • Habits: Stop smoking, nail biting, bed wetting, hair pulling, and more.
  • Education: Improve study habits and memory, increase learning, get rid of exam nerves, improve concentration & focus, and more.
  • Childbirth: Fertility, getting pregnanant, assist iduring pregnancy, birth training, reduce fears, recovery, lactation, and more.
  • Health and medical: Relaxation, healing, dentistry, chronic pain management, hemophilia, burns, emergencies, stress, asthma, psoriasis, phantom limb pain, reduce fears of fMRI and other proceedures and opertaions, coping with cncer and other treatment, and more.
  • Children: Get on better with other kids and family, reduce anger & anxity, increase confidence, deflect bullying, stop nail biting & bed wetting, and more.
  • Creating Confident Kids programme – This programme will enable parents to help their child to  get on better with siblings and other kids, increase confidence and motivation, feel better about school, improve study, deflect bullying, stop nail biting and bed wetting, etc. and more

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Is there a guanrantee?

Is there a Guarantee? 

It’s interesting, as most people wouldn’t expect, or ask for, a guarantee with other types of therapy. E.g. Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, etc.  And, if we think about it, we don’t get a guarantee with weight loss and stop smoking products that we buy from the chemist. Nor do doctors or surgeons guarantee the outcome of the medication they give or the surgery they perform.

There are just too many variables. And so too it is with therapy. 

The outcome of any therapy depends on both the skill and experience of the therapist* and how involved the client is in the process and whether they are ready to change.

We cannot “make” someone do something they don’t want to do or are not ready to do. It is not a magic wand.

That is why we offer 30 minute FREE, no obligation, consultation. That way you can meet us and ensure you feel comfortable working with us. This is vital whatever the therapy. You can discuss what you want to achieve and get your questions answered, before making an appointment.

Many of the issues we deal with are backed up by scientific research. However we also know, from seeing thousands of clients collectively since 1980 and from other senior Hypnotherapists worldwide, that Hypnotherapy does work. There are many people who have been helped.

In our experience it can often bring about faster and more effective results than other therapies.

Click here to read feedback from some of our clients.

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* Roger and Sue are Clinical Hypnotherapists, Honourary Life Members of NZAPH and have been working in the field (full time) for many years. Roger since 1980, Sue since 1995.

Roger has been teaching others to become professional hypnotherapists since 1987.

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What is your succes rate?

What is the success rate? 

Many of the medical interventions and/or medications are the subject of to research. any are funded by drug companies with billions of dollars t throw at it. .

Many of the issues we deal with are backed up by anecdotal or scientific research, but not all. There is a a number of reputable hynosis research organisations that do fund research in the use of hypnosis in therapy. Again, this costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And most hypnotherapists are self employed.

Here are some evidential research you can look up…

PMC Journal – New Directions in Hypnosis Research

American Journal of Medical Hypnosis – Articles

Int. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis – Efficacy of Hypnosis for Anxiety Meta Study

However, we know from seeing thousands of clients collectively since 1980, and from other senior Hypnotherapists worldwide, that hypnotherapy does work. This is known as anecdotal research. And in our experience hypnotherapy can often bring about faster and more effective results than many other therapies.

Click here to read feedback from some of our clients.

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