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Conquer Bad Eating Habits 

    Reset Your Mind with our 12 Week Healthy Mind-Body Training 

Lose weight with Alpha Hypnosis

Decrease Alcohol 

You can reduce intake or stop entirely – Have a much healthier life

Reduce or stop alcohol with Alpha Hypnosis

Anxiety & Stress Symptoms

Reduce or Stop Symptoms
Get Your Life Back! 

Anxiety responds well with Hypnotherapy

Help For Dementia

A new promising treatment to help slow the progression of Dementia..

Dementia - Hypnosis a promising treatment - Alpha Hypnosis

Reduce Pain Effectively

Manage Chronic Pain, Move More Easily…
Enjoy Life!

Reduce chronic pain with Alpha Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Now

Quit Easily & Naturally, Breath Easier… Enjoy Better Health

Stop Smoking easily with Alpha Hypnosis

Discover how your beliefs and habits can affect your life!

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Hyptherapy can motivate and empower you to make changes - Roger Saxelby with a client - Alpha Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Changed My Life

“I had been on anti-depressants off and on most of my life due to my childhood up bringing. I lived day by day in constant anxiety. And going to hypnotherapy changed my life! No more anxiety about my past, no more anxiety medication.  At 43 years old I can finally truthfully say I am living and loving my life.” 

Becky Walker, Auckland

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Vesna Radonich - Winning medels with the help of Roger Saxelby Alpha Hypnosis

No need to take our word for it, read what our clients say…. 

“Thank you to Roger…for your help in achieving my success in winning at sport (and) life, recovery from surgery and stop smoking!”

Vesna Radonich – Open Women’s Waka Ama World Champion, Maori Sports Woman of the Year 



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    Experience Does Count!

    Roger Saxelby and Sue Wood are here to help you.

    We are very experienced Professional Hypnotherapists – Roger has 44+ years experience, and Sue has 30 years.  We specialise in helping people, like you, with Anxiety & Stress, Insomnia, Weight & Emotional Eating, Pain Management, Smoking/Vaping, Phobias and more.

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    Sue Wood & Roger Saxelby - Professional Hypnotherapists at Alpha Hypnosis

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