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Stop Smoking / Vaping Now

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Is Emphysema (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) really your goal in life?  

The money doesn’t begin to calculate the cost of damage to your health and well-being. Or what it does to others.!

Nor does it factor in the psychological effect it can have on those who look up to you as a role model.

Imagine… breathing fresh air, feeling healthier, more energy, wake up breathing easy, noticing how good you feel!

What else you could do with all that money you spend on fags


Start saving money right away! 

Recoup your investment in 1-4 weeks!*

Imagine what would you could do with that  money…..

Consider what you could do instead?

  • What other bills could you pay?
  • What would you save for?
  • Where would you go?
  • What would you buy?

* Depending on how many you smoke / vape each day

If you’ve tried to stop smoking or vaping… 

And found it too hard? Will-power, pills, spays, etc. nothing has worked long term?

This is because just using your conscious mind generally doesn’t work.

You’ve probably heard all the “horror” stories! That you’re “addicted” to smoking or vaping, that it’s “hard to quit”, you get terrible cravings, etc.  This can be because many treatments ONLY deal with the physical aspect.

Yet research has proven that once you stop the nicotine is out of your system within 24-48 hours! So if it isn’t the nicotine, what is it?  Click on the link below…

Why do people say it's difficult to quit, and why Hypnotherapy is the most effective option?

The reason why so many people have trouble quitting is that smoking / vaping has a big psychological component.  And all of your automatic behaviours come from your subconscious mind.  It may be that you really believe that you want to quit consciously, but there may be a part of your mind, the subconscious, that doesn’t want to “let go”. Can you relate to that?

In the past smoking / vaping may have helped you feel part of a group, given you something to do with your hands when you were upset, anxious or bored. Or maybe you smoke on social occasions or when having a drink? Some have said it’s like a “comforting friend”.

Or maybe you think vaping is healthier, perhaps an interim step towards giving up smoking, and now you find it isn’t!  That vaping is just as hard to stop as smoking cigarettes.

So there is a conflict which some say “it’s like there’s two ‘people’ my head, pulling in different directions – one wants to stop smoking, the other one doesn’t.” Does that sound familiar? 

So it would make it a lot easier if both ‘parts’ were pulling in the same direction, wouldn’t it?

And that is where hypnotherapy comes in. As it specialises in helping your subconscious make those changes. So it makes sense to deal with smoking at this level to help counteract the physiological aspect as well, right!

Hypnotherapy can make it much easier for you to stop, and usually without cravings.

Plus it’s completely natural – you’re not putting more harmful substances on or into your body.

Alpha's Stop Smoking / Vaping Programme

Roger Saxelby says that “hypnotherapy is the easiest and most effective method to stop smoking”. And he should know as he’s been helping people to quit for over 40 years! And more recently, he’s helped people to quit vaping. The reason is that it addresses what is going on in your subconscious mind, your inner driver”.

Alpha’s programme offers two (2) private one to one sessions with Roger – in our Henderson, Auckland office or online. Most quit people easily within this time. Plus, a back-up session if required

You are not left on your own!

Curious? Contact Roger on 09-8377877 to book your Free 30 minute Consultation. You can have a chat with him and get your questions answered personally. He will also explain the programme in more details. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to check if you feel comfortable working with him. Being comfortable with your therapist is vital whatever the type of therapy.  

The Mind Factor

Whatever the reason you started, Hypnotherapy can make it easier for you to quit.  As, for there to be a permanent change in your behaviour it must first change in your subconscious mind. And that’s where hypnotherapy specialises – the subconscious mind. 

What is Hypnotherapy - The Mind Factor

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis + therapy) is when you are in very pleasant, natural state called hypnosis (also known as the Alpha level) can help you by getting both “people” in your mind ( one wanted to quit, the other not) working together, pulling in the same direction.   You can stop smoking easily with Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can also help with other issues around your smoking. Some people are afraid of carvings or putting on weight. For others, it goes back to being a teenager, when they wanted to be like their friends. They didn’t want to be the odd one out.  Hypnotherapy can help resolve all of these issues and more.

That’s what makes Hypnotherapy the most effective and easiest method to quit smoking.

Discover our programme

Quit Smoking / Vaping for Life programme

  • Two Personalized Sessions

  • MP3 Support Audio

  • Plus a follow-up if required

Get your FREE, no obligation, 30 minutes consultation now! You can discuss your goal with Roger, get your questions answered personally, and he can explain how Hypnotherapy works and how it can help you. And, very importantly, you get to meet him online, and feel comfortable working with him.

Whatever the therapy you may be attending, it is vital you feel comfortable working with the therapist.

Your First Session:  

Attend your first session prepared to stop immediately.  Cutting down doesn’t usually work. By just having one cigarette or vape you’re reinforcing the habit (in your brain) which can make it even harder to stop. People who try to cut down usually find that, over time, they end up smoking just as many, if not more!

What makes you smoke / vape? Our questionnaire helps Roger pinpoint your individual triggers, which he uses to personalize the session for you, so it is much more likely to be successful than a group, CD, or downloadable programme. The hypnotherapy session is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It will focus on your desire to quit, the benefits you believe of being smoke-free, and it will also address your main triggers and why you no longer need them.  Positive and appropriate suggestions given (while in hypnosis) are much more easily accepted by your subconscious mind than when you are in your normal level of awareness.

FREE Audio Support CD… This will help you increase your positivity and motivation. This will help your mind to reset to be free! You need to make the commitment to listen to this at least once EVERY DAY. More if you need to. It is a mini hypnosis session, so do not listen to it when driving.

Your Second Session:

Scheduled within 1 week – this is to check how you are going and provide you with a reinforcement, and also deal with any issues that may have come up.

You can enjoy being smoke free for what may be the first time in many years. Attending your second session is very important. It enables Roger to check out how you’ve been going since he last saw you, and either give you another personal reinforcement or make any adjustments as required.

If you really want to quit smoking or vaping… Contact us now for your FREE 30 mins Free Consultation. And Roger can help you quit for good!

To read what one of our clients said about Alpha’s stop smoking programme….

“Your programme was all I needed! I admit that I smoked all the way up to your front door, but in my heart of hearts, I did want to quit. I left your clinic thinking nothing had changed.  I jumped into the driver’s seat of my car and looked down at a half-finished packet of cigarettes and thought (rather oddly) that I just didn’t want a cigarette, so off I drove.  Back in my office, I had packets of cigarettes on my desk, in the draws and on the fridge, and yet I just didn’t want one.” 

NOTE: It is important to maintain a positive outlook about achieving your goal. Telling yourself “I can’t stop smoking!” or “It’s hard to stop smoking” is maybe what you current believe, but repeating them over and over, even mentally, will only hinder your success.  It is only reinforcing your negative beliefs.  In fact, you could very well sabotage your goal, just with your own self-talk!

Being willing to do whatever it takes is very important. You will need to take some responsibility and make this your programme.  Making changes to what you do and how you do it around your triggers, will need to be made until the new habit becomes strong, to help you achieve your goal.  Roger will explain this in more detail during your first appointment. Still not sure?

More About Roger
To check out research into the effectiveness of hypnosis check out the quit smoking with hypnosis statistics and hypnosis research:

Roger specializes in helping people to stop smoking, and since 1980 he has assisted thousands of people from all walks of life with Hypnotherapy.  His clients have included internationally recognized musicians, performers and sports people, Olympic and world class athletes, sales and business executives.  He has helped many other clients to improve performance, manage stress, stop smoking, improve study habits and memory, overcome a variety of fears and phobias, and lack of confidence or self-belief for such things as public speaking, and much more.

Roger also assists clients referred by their doctor for help to overcome insomnia, manage pain, fertility, and “painless childbirth”. These are just some of the possibilities with Hypnotherapy. Also, hypnosis has been successful in the treatment of skin complaints, such as psoriasis, eczema and warts.

For your peace of mind… you can check out Roger’s training, qualifications, etc. You will note that he has been a full time, professional hypnotherapist since 1980, and is highly regarded within the profession both in NZ and overseas


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