Reduce anxiety…. this one simple thing can help you reduce your anxiety symptoms… almost instantly

We’ve all had them, only perhaps more so recently. Feeling restless, nervous, scared or even fear. Not as safe as we felt a few months ago? Or maybe we’re suffering from insomnia, oanic, heart palpitaions, etc.

We’ve all tried our best to follow the lockdown rules and we many felt a bit unsettled or anxious, it’s quite normal to feel this way. And now, although the reins have been loosened, there is still a lot of stress and anxiety around, in both adults and children.

The Covid-19 situation, even at level 3 is still bringing up all sorts of anxieties and fears in people. They feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under them and they have no idea what will happen over the next few weeks or months.  They find they just can’t stop worrying … going over and over what will happen to them, their families, work, life as they knew.

They may be the ones that have been panic buying, of trying to get some sort of feeling of control back in their lives. Going over the ‘what if’s…” waking  up at night worrying about worst-case scenarios, their heart starts racing, they become afraid of what “might” happen or phobic of being near people, of germs and the virus, of all sorts of things. They may have panic attacks, feel isolated, depressed, etc.

reduce anxiety Their anxiety may show by constantly eating or snacking, eating unhealthily foods or drinks, eating huge potions, craving sweet or savoury foods or drinks. Staying at home, rather than getting outside taking a walk or doing some exercises at home. There are many ways anxiety may manifest itself.

It’s not just now. Some people just seem to be more anxious or worried generally

Can you relate to some of this? Does some sound familiar?

Here is a great technique that can help you to reduce or even stop these feelings….

1. When worrying thoughts start, put you hand on your stomach and take three slow, deep breaths….

a) Breathing quietly and normally now, notice the breath in and out
b) notice the flow of air, in and out of your nostrils
c) notice the different temperatures between the inhale and the exhale
d) notice how your heart is beating now, perhaps slightly more calmly nd regulaly

2. Listen for the sounds you can hear around you. You can you hear your breath, calm and slow. Listen for other sounds…. open your ears and like radar, listen for any other sounds you might hear…

a) near you
b) further away
c) way out

3. Look around you and notice what you can see, the shapes of things, the colours and textures…

a) close to you
b) further away
c) way out

4. Turn your attention to what you are wearing. Notice…

a) the different textures, fabrics against your skin, the different colours
b) what are you wearing on your feet or are you bare foot
c) if you move your feet what can you feel under your feet

5.  Now close your eyes and go inside yourself and notice how you are feeling inside…

a) how much calmer are you feeling? Put a percentage on it.
b) are you feeling more relaxed? put a percentage on it
c) what other feelings are you noticing?

You may notice the difference immediately, although this is not a “magic wand” and may take some practise.  Keep practising and you’ll soon notice a difference.  You’re likely to find a feeling of being more relaxated, calmer and and other positive feelings.

If you haven’t felt like exercising, maybe you can start on that now. Try to get some exercise time into your day, start small, work up. Outside is best, but inside works too. Lots of exercises on TV, YouTube, etc for all levels.

It is possible to reduce the worrying thoughts, or even stop them altogether. It is possible to quieten your mind.

Sometimes though, it takes more then deep breathing or other things you’ve tried. And, if you are having these feelings and have troied various methods to reduce them. you can get still help.

Alpha Hypnosis is here to assist you online with anxiety and its many symptoms, or other habits which have got out of control, etc.

Check out our video on hypnosis

We can help you focus on more positive thoughts and actions, to stop procrastinating, focus on what you want to achieve as we help you work through what’s going on, providing help and support for you as you move towards a calmer mind.

We offer a FREE 30 Minute, no obligation consultation, where you can explain what has been happening and how you want it to be, plus we can answer any question you may have and explain how hypnosis can help you change these feelings long term.

For your protection and privicay all of our sessions are online.

To take advantage of your free consultation… just let us know if you prefer mornings or afternoons and which days are preferrable and we’ll arrange a suitable time for you.