Chris Levitt - DDiploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

It was worth every penny!

Although I had previous training specialising in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and was completing a (home study)  Degree in clinical hypnosis, I wanted to balance my experience and learnings by enrolling on a training that covered all styles and applications of hypnosis, a training which particularly offered lots of practise opportunities. I wanted to come out of that training feeling competent enough to work with clients on a professional level. And I did. And it was worth every penny!

I felt a lot of my learning had been theoretical, now I wanted a hands on, practical, experiential, ‘have a’ go at it’ training. I work very intensively and time off is valuable. I wanted this training in New Zealand, not thousands of miles away.

I contacted three organisations and talked to all on the phone. As soon as I had talked with Alpha Hypnotherapy, I knew this was the training for me.

I found the course to be superbly balanced, with theory, demonstration, and practise. It more than fulfilled all my expectations. It certainly provided challenges for me, yet I came away feeling totally confident in using my skills professionally. And I do.

The quality I valued most, was the breakdown of every aspect into manageable proportions for students with different knowledge levels and backgrounds. I felt valued, affirmed, highly supported & confident in an atmosphere of friendship and warmth.

Hypnosis is scientific, it is also magic, and this course encapsulated both those qualities perfectly. You can’t ask for more.

The pre-course (home study) assignments provide a brilliant way of preparing a student for the course. They gave me a taste of the goodies to come, built my knowledge base, expectations and wet my appetite!

I found the exam process and post course assignments fit at a perfect level with the training. And expanded our knowledge into key areas we may encounter when working with clients presenting with a variety of issues. E.g. Depression, anxiety, or grief.  For those who thought that ‘exam video sessions’ are scary, forget it!  We were so well prepared and trained, it was actually fun and enjoyable, and I learned so much from that it was like a huge bonus!

What a great team. You hear stories about some trainings, where the administration side does not match up to the actual teaching side. This whole course was professionally run, handouts, resources, manuals, library, even extra videos shown as requested by students, absolutely brilliant.

There are lots of wonderful ‘extras’!

The one day workshop (Your Master Key to Success) is a ‘must’ experience. Apart from the processes, skills and learning Self Hypnosis; you get to see how to brilliantly layer and structure a one-day workshop …worthwhile all by itself.

Any parts of this letter may be used as testimonial, and my name quoted besides it if required.

Chris Levitt
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor