How to lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band Programme – Cathy Cowan’s Newshub Interview

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The Virtual Gastric Band Programme has helped thousands of clients all over the world to help lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

Recently, Cathy Cowan appeared on Newshub to talk about her success with the Virtual Gastric Band Programme*. She was 97kgs and with the help of the programme* she lost 30kg in her first year and then 10kg later on. 

Cathy was so impressed with the results of the programme that she decided to train with Alpha Hypnosis to become a hypnotherapist herself. 

Here are some questions my clients have asked…..

  • How does the Virtual Gastric Band Programme help you to lose weight? Virtual Gastric Band to stop snacking & overeating- with Sue Wood

Utilizing hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band helps to convince your stomach is a lot smaller.  This convinces you that you don’t need as much food to be satisfied. And while Cathy used to eat ‘man-size’ portions, once she started the VGB programme she realised that she did not need such a huge amount of food to be satisfied. This has also helped my clients with snacking and even exercising. 

  • Can this help me use weight quickly? 

This is not a quick fix or magic wand, but rather a safe, gentle and gradual way to lose weight. 

  • Do I have to do anything? 

You have to really want to lose weight. You have to bring your commitment to the programme. It’s a combination of need, want and commitment. 

The programme covers a number of sessions and you simply sit in a chair and get guided into a hypnotic state. 

Does Cathy’s story make it easier for you to take the first step? 

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More about our Virtual Gastric Band Life programmes

Our programme is a little different from others on the market. Our Healthy Mind Body programme includes the  Virtual Gastric Band programme and much more: :

  • Longer support than other Virtual Gastric Band programmes.
  • Weekly Journal – to revise each session
  • Personal challenge in each journal – to help you achieve your goal
  • Weekly Hypnosis sessions – to help you rest your mind and habits around food / exercise
  • Support Audio – to bed in your new habits
  • Change processes – to help you change how you feel instantly
  • Videos of the change processes – to practise so you get really good at each one
  • Longer support than other virtual gastric band programmes
  • Various programmes – to best suit your needs – developed from client feedback and through your Hypnotherapist Sue Wood’s own personal experience when she went through the Virtual Gastric Band programme herself.
  • Book your Free 30 Minutes Consultation with Sue now, to discuss what you want to achieve and Sue can explain which programme would help you achieve your goals!

Our programmes are conducted over a number of sessions: in a group or one to one, either online or in person at our Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland office

For more information and to read what our clients have said click here. 

*Cathy was guided by one of Alpha’s graduates, Hypnotherapist, Richard Kellow through the Virtual Gastric Band Programme. She then became a student of Alpha Hypnotherapy’s training programme because of the results she got.