Intuitive Eating & the Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band Programme and Intuitive Eating

Have you heard about Intuitive Eating? It’s a non-diet. And the title got us curious, so we thought we’d investigate how it stacked up with our Virtual Gastric Band Life Change programme. Were they Friend or Foe?

Although not many people realise, the majority of “diets” fail, becasue they don’t deal your mind-set.  

Our Virtual Gastric Band Life Change programme is not a diet. It will help you get your mind back in balance so that you can lose weight in a natural, safe and gradual way. It’s a “pain-free” way. 

It is about changing your behaviour and attitude towards food, to help you reset your mind, helping you to drop the kilograms. This, in turn, hugely improves your perception of yourself and your lifestyle. 

The mind pulling in opposite directions

Our clients have often told us that overeating is like “having two people in your head”, both pulling in different directions.   

It’s not about restricting what you can eat, leaving some foods, counting points, weighing food. It’s not about thinking of some foods as ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’. It’s about helping you retrain your subconscious mind so you can eat better… and live your life to its fullest!

Our clients often experience a flow on effect in the rest of their lives when they go on our programme. They feel more motivated not just in the eating space, but in other areas of their lives as well! Imagine having more energy, more motivation and feeling more positive every day!. 

Improve your relationships with your family and friends. Live your life to the fullest, while not spending wasted time, money and emotional energy on thinking about food or eating an unhealthy diet, often filled with fast food or snacking on chocolate, lollies, chips and other unhealthy snacks. 


You may have heard about the new ‘anti-diet, diet’ – ‘Intuitive Eating’ in the media. This term was coined in recent times by dietitians due to clients being ‘stuck’ in a never ending diet culture and restricting certain foods. 

Intuitive Eating is an approach developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting. An intuitive eater is defined as a person who “makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma. (One who) honors hunger, respects fullness and enjoys the pleasure of eating”  Isn’t that what you want? To read more

So what is our opinion on Intuitive Eating and can it help you to lose weight? 

Well, yes it can… and in more than one way…

The 10 principles of Intuitive eating are:

  •  Reject the Diet Mentality
  •  Challenge the food police
  •  Make Peace with Food
  •  Honour your Hunger
  •  Respect your fullness
  •  Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  •  Respect your body
  •  Honour your feelings without using food
  •  Exercise – feel the difference
  •  Honour your Health

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Our Virtual Gastric Band Life Change programme is all about intuitive eating

Check out below how those principals fits with our VGB Life Change programme…and how our VGB programme can assist you…

Intuitive Eating Our Virtual Gastric Band Life Change Programme 
Reject the Diet Mentality
  • Assists you to reject dieting.  Our progrogramme is not about dieting, it’s about learning what’s really going on in your subconscious mind and why you don’t need to diet
Challenge the food police
  • Our programe helps you “Make Peace” with food, so you don’t think about food or a specific food group, all the time. So you’re not counting calories or points, weighing food, or eating only this or that! 
Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  • Learn to read your body’s signals when it tells you when “enough” is actually enough. With your “gastric band” fitted, it makes it easier for you to feel fuller quicker.  
Respect your fullness
  • You Can Stop Eating, as soon as you get that “full” feeling. No need to snack between meals or when you know you are not actually hungry!   Your ‘gastric band” helps you to feel fuller longer!
Honour your Hunger
  • Welcome feeling hungry before a meal. It’s normal!! And you know your “gastric band” is working for you! 
Respect your body
  • Your “gastric band” helps your body only needs what it actually requires to function and remain healthy.  Eating any more is just a waste and is treating your body like a rubbish tip.  
Honour your feelings without using food
  • Helps you resolve “emotional hunger” so you no longer have the “need” to eat. Your VIrtual Gastruic Band programme can help help you resolve past issues, so you feel free of emotional baggage
Exercise – feel the difference
  • Get your mind in balance so you want to exercise. Your “gastric band” helps to motivate you to crave to move your body more, plus it assists with your positivity & mood
Honour your Health
  • This is the only body you have, love it and look after it fully.

Our VGB Life Change programme can help you stop emotionally eating: eating when yare angry, frustrated, bored, upset, etc. However, because we can’t be with you all the time, you will need to make choices for yourself about food and lifestyle.

This is where Intuitive Eating practices can come in to help. 

And, that lessening your portion size is one of the “4 Golden Rules* to how you are best poised to lose weight on our Virtual Gastric Band Programme.

If you are using principles of Intuitive Eating and still eating enough for 2 or even 3 people, you can understand how that would completely sabo tage your weight loss.  

Once you have changed yourself:  your mindset, your thoughts, then you will find that letting go of emotional eating can be so much easier.  

The main aim of our Virtual Gastric Band Life Change programme is to assist you to reconnect your subconscious mind with your conscious mind and your stomach, so you…

  • Only need much smaller portion
  • Feel fuller longer
  • And no longer feel the urge to snack

Once you get those “two people” in your head start working together and pulling in the same direction, then you can really start to make a difference and drop the kilos – and start to live a slimmer, healthier and more positive life.

* Book your Free 30 minute Consultation to find out about the “4 Golden Rules” and how our programme can help you get rid of that unwanted weight.