9 Protein Packed Lunches – For Keeping You Fuller & Satisfied Longer

Protein Packed Lunches to Revamp Your Weight Loss Lunch

9 Quick & Healthy High-Protein Options

All too often when we’re trying to lose weight, we can go overboard with the wrong sort of food at certain meals, especially if we are really, really hungry!

Protein packed lunches, or any meals, are the way to go as they keep you satisfied for longer.

Not giving our body enough of the best sort of fuel that it needs to keep you fuller and more satisfied until your next meal, is a common problem. The most important fuels are: protein, followed by fibre. These two will help keep you satisfied longer, until it’s time for your next meal.  They will also provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function best.

You can easily prepare these protein packed lunches if you work or stay at home. If you go out to work, you will be able to prepare some of these and take them with you.

  1. Heavenly Honey Berry Bliss: Mix Greek yogurt with honey or a sugar-free sweetener. Layer it with berries, chopped nuts, and a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra flavour and protein.Protein Packed Lunches - Greek Yogurt Parfait
  2. Tuna Tango Wrap: Combine canned tuna with Greek yogurt, diced cucumber, and a bit of lemon juice. Spread it on a whole-grain tortilla, add some baby spinach, and roll it up.
    Tuna Salad Wrap3.
  3. Protein Powerhouse Salad: Toss together canned beans (like chickpeas or black beans), add in grilled chicken or tofu,. Toss with lettuce, avocado, cucumber, spring onions according to your taste. Drizzle with olive oil and your favourite vinaigrette.Powerhouse Salad
  4. Cottage Cheese Delight: Top low-fat cottage cheese with fresh or canned (in water) fruit. Sprinkle with some seeds, or chopped or sliced nuts for added crunch and protein. Cottage Cheese Delight
  5. Quinoa Fiesta Salad: Mix cooked quinoa with chopped veggies, feta cheese, and canned chickpeas. Season with olive oil, lemon juice, and your favourite herbs. Protein Packed Lunches - Quinoa, feta and roast vege salad
  6. Avocado Chicken Roll-Up: Mash avocado with a little lemon juice and spread it on a whole-grain wrap. Add pieces of cooked left over chicken, meat or fish, baby spinach, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Chicken, Avocado and Salad roll-ups
  7. Egg-cellent Lettuce Bundles:  Make a simple egg salad by mashing boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, mustard, and chopped celery (or onion). Spoon it into large lettuce leaves and roll them up for a great low-carb option. Egg Salad Rollls
  8. Power-packed Soups:  Add Cottage cheese (2-3 TBL Spoons) to any good quality soups (home made or cold-packaged shop-bought) and mix well, can provide you with a power-packed lunch. I serve mine with slices of toasted (full of seeds) rye bread. Even more so if you great some parmesan cheese on top.
  9. Soup with Cottage Cheese
  10. Your Special Power Mix: Choose (your) fist size good quality protein sources:  Cold cooked meats, tinned tuna/salmon, sardines, shrimp, cottage cheese, etc. Boiled eggs, tinned chick peas or beans. Mix with greens: baby spinach, pak choy, lettuce, shredded cabbage, etc. Add in your selection from: avocado, tomatoes, sliced tinned or fresh beetroot, sliced red, brown or spring onions, etc.  Add in nuts and seeds for some extra protein and crunch. Protein Packed Lunches - Mix & Match Bowl


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