How Your Subconscious Mind Effects You

How your subconscious effects your values, beliefs, habits and behaviours.

Do you ever wonder why you you react in certain ways to what’s going on around you? What controls those “bad” habits that you can’t seem to break? Or why you fly off the handle or keep your cool?

The part of the mind which controls all these things is called the subconscious, or unconscious mind. That’s because your thought patterns, emotions and feelings, which you may not be fully aware of, almost totally influences your behaviour and your actions. 

  • Have you ever wondered why you feel extra uneasy in close, tight spaces, or are scared of flying or spiders, etc?  
  • Or why you experience anxiety, at the very thought of going to a party by yourself? 
  • Have you wondered why you turn to comfort eating in times of stress, boredom, etc? Overeating or snacking when you do not need food. 
  • Have you ever wondered why you hold certain beliefs and judgments towards others, groups, religions, etc? 

All of these and much more, are controlled by our subconscious mind. 

Automatic Behaviours

The Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind is where all our automatic behaviour is held. We need that to live! It’s what “runs” our body’s functions like breathing, digestion, heart beats, etc. Driving and walking are other examples of automatic behaviours. 

These are things which you do without even thinking about it! They can often be described as ‘zoning out’ or being on ‘auto-pilot’. 

Has that happened to you? 

Automatic behaviours have many benefits, and also some risks. For example, an automatic behaviour like walking makes it a lot easier to routinely go about our lives, get fit, lose weight, reduce anxiety, etc. Or stepping us back from crossing the road, when a vehicle is coming towards you.  They can also have risks as well. E.g.  if you get too comfortable with a task, it can be easier to make a mistake. Complacency comes into this category.  

So it makes sense that we need to work with our subconscious to bring about changes we want to achieve. Working with your subconscious can help you change automatic behaviours so that they no longer stay as risky routines or negative habits. 

Our Values & Beliefs  

Your subconscious mind is also where your all values and beliefs are held. We may not even be aware of these, as they run deeper than our conscious awareness and often they may even be out of sync with each other. 

Have you ever experience internal struggles? 

Have you ever set goals for yourself then sidestepped them and come to a completely different outcome? Or sabotaged them by your own negative self talk?  Procrastinated about which action is best to take?  Or got involved with easier tasks, rather then dealing with what really needs to be done? 

Sound familiar?

Most people carry around unconscious values and beliefs with them which, if are not acknowledged, make it difficult to reach a conscious goal, such as losing weight, taking control of finances or quitting smoking.

This is because our subconscious mind works on a deeper level than our conscious thoughts. It controls our feelings, our behavioural responses, attitudes, judgements and creativity.

If you have held subconscious beliefs way back from childhood that you are unaware of, they can affect you later in life. E.g. often behaviours like snacking come from being given food treats as a child.  

Other examples…. if your goal is to control your finances, but you have held a subconscious belief since you were a child that there was never enough, or that “money is the root of all evil”, acknowledging this and overcoming it is the key to moving forwards.

So if you are not reaching goals, there may be something going on in your subconscious that is holding you back.

Our Habits

The subconscious is also what drives our habits around food, stress, smoking, wellness, exercise and many more facets of life. Built up over months or years these habits can become ingrained. And if our habits are healthy ones that’s great!

But not all habits are good ones.

The subconscious drives how we feel about eating certain foods. It drives that feeling of disgust after we get served something that we don’t like. It can also drive us to eat bags of chips, fast or sugary food, when we are feeling down.

Dealing with stress and anxietyIt drives how we choose to deal with stress. It can either tell us to do something healthy like go for a walk or talk to a friend. Or it can tell us to turn to vices such as excessive drinking, smoking, food, drugs, cutting, etc. .

The best way to deal with “bad” habits is to replace them with better ones, ones that will support you towards where you want to be. .

This will require a “reset” in your subconscious of those habit or negative behaviour that no longer serve you. And once that happens, once the subconscious mind is working in harmony with the conscious mind this can be achieved far more easily.

Are you ready for change?

One of the most effective ways to change is using hypnosis. Access the subconscious mind where all our automatic behaviour is held. It makes sense to address it at this level.   

And that is what we do here at Alpha Hypnosis – we help you access your subconscious and using positive suggestion and the latest mind management techniques to help you bring about those changes you desire.

You can take advantage of our FREE (no obligation) 30-45 Minute Online Consultation, where you can discuss what’s been going on and what you’d like to achieve. We can also answer your questions personally. 

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