Weight Loss

Does Food Rule Your Life?

Do you snack uncontrollably? Or eat too much? Or are you on a “diet: that has you weighing food or counting points? Or maybe you can’t eat those foods and only eat these foods? Maybe you eat while watching TV, playing video games or reading, and don’t even notice how much you are eating. Or maybe you snack at all hours of the day or night? Or maybe you just cant stop thinking about food and/or your weight? 

Do you say to yourself: ‘I’ll just have one more chocolate biscuit, or one more chip,’ But then somehow you can’t seem to help yourself and you finish the whole packet? These are all common scenarios. We can easily get caught up in this very accessible way of unhealthy eating and let  impulses rule our lives. And with the low price of sugary and savoury snacks, soft drinks and energy drinks, and the temporary high that they can produce, you can easily ask yourself after that last spoonful of ice cream or feeling nauseous after stuffing yourself full,  ‘Why am I doing this to myself? 

With every high, there are also lows….

Being overweight means your health deteriorates faster. Your arteries clog up and the fat around your tummy (visceral fat) gets in and around your internal organs so they can’t work properly, and if left, you start heading into areas you do not want to go. E.g. type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack, liver failure, etc.

You may find yourself getting moody, or maybe you feel guilt at your behaviour and start “beating yourself up” about how and what you eat? Or maybe you’ve given up on it, think you can’t lose weight. But if you’re reading this I dont think you’ve given up!

 Well, I am here to tell you something important:

It’s likely to be all in your mind!  Your subconscious mind specifically. You DON’T have to try and probably fail at, the latest diet fad. If you hate gyms, you DON’T have to join and work yourself ragged doing box fit, spin class and running. You DON’T have to undergo risky, expensive and scary surgerys. What you need to do is get your subconscious mind working in harmony with what you consciously want.

And what you really want is to lose weight… right! 

Hypnotherapy can help make this happen for you. 

So how does this work?  Basically, it helps your subconscious mind to work in harmony with what you consciously want, making it easier for you to get rid of that extra flab. Once your conscious mind and subconscious mind are working together, you can find that you don’t even have the urge to eat that whole packet of chips. And all of this is done while enjoying a relaxing and peaceful hypnosis session! Does this sound AMAZING to you?

Well, studies have shown that hypnosis is not only effective at shedding kilos, but also at keeping them off long term. We have had some amazing successes with our Virtual Gastric Bypass weight-loss programmes, including clients which were serial snackers and overeaters, who are now only eating three small meals a day, and clients kicking their addictions to sugary soft drinks. This could be you too!

This is not a “quick fix” or a magic wand.  I can tell you… there are none!

Even surgery doesn’t work long term for some. And they have to go through months of eating first baby food, then 1 or 2 spoonfulls of regular food.

Don’t take your health for granted and be part of the growing number of ‘accidentally overweight’ people, mindlessly shovelling food, all the while wondering how they became like this. There is a natural, pain-free, risk-free solution. Take the first step to better health and wellness by kicking those food cravings and large portions. Becoming a more confident, happier, slimmer and fitter you through hypnotherapy.

Check out how the Virtual Gastric Band programme can help you, then book your FREE, no obligation, consultation now. This can be done on the phone or in person at our office in Lincoln Ropad, Henderson.

To assist you, here are my 14 Top Tips to help you lose weight….

  1. Make small adjustments each week
  2. Eat plenty of protein at each meal – it’s the protein that keeps you fuller longer
  3. Increase your water intake – find what temperature works for you: cold, warm, hot.
  4. Flavour water with a squeeze of fruit juice or flavoured teas
  5. Decrease your portion sizes gradually – portion size looks bigger on small plates
  6. Buy something new at the size you want to be – hang it so you see it daily
  7. Increase your fibre intake – whole fruit, vegetables, etc. Eat the skin instead of peeling*
  8. Cook your own meals – reduce or cut out processed foods
  9. Stay away from the snacks and biscuit aisles – be a good role model to your kids   
  10. Wean your kids off sugary or fatty ones to healthier     
  11. Quit the sugar  – find an alternative that you like.  
  12. Do squats while you’re waiting for the jug to boil – even a few each time add up
  13. Learn how to read the contents on packaging – check for sodium and added sugar
  14. Stay strong as you help yourself and your kids move to healthier snacks and food

Pick one out (the easiest one) and implement it into your daily life. Keep doing it for a few weeks until it becomes the “norm”. Then pick another top and do the same. Repeat until you’ve got tthem all.

If you need help, if you’d prefer someone to guide you through, check out how the Virtual Gastric Band programme can help you, then book your FREE, no obligation, consultation now.