7 Top Tips On How To Be Happier

Be Happy! How often do we hear that?

Too often we wish things could change, so we can be happier. Some focus how much “better” their life would be “if only (fill in your wish) happened.”  Some wish they “had more” – more money, better job, etc.  Or they could be different – if only I was more practical, slimmer, etc. Others wish they had what others have – that nice car or house, a holiday home, etc.

And yet, doing this will only lead to feeling of discontent, being resentful and you really can’t win. If you allow it to fester, continuing to focus on your weaknesses or “lack”, motivation, focus and energy dwindle and it becomes a downward spiral that can lead to depression.

7 Top Tips To Be Happier - Alpha Hypnosis

“If you focus on your strengths, you will multiply them.
If you focus on your weaknesses, you will become mediocre at most.” Unknown


Ok, maybe it is easier said than done!

Yes, we probably would all feel better if we have a bit more money or it’s a sunny day, but so often we want things to change around us, so we can be happier. And yet, the only thing we can really change is ourselves.

Yes, the only thing you can change is yourself!

We can’t change anything that is outside of ourselves, but we can change ourselves. We can change the way we think, how we perceive what is or has happened.  We can choose to be more content with what we have, what we’ve got, instead of wishing for more. And there are ways we can get started on that, so keep reading for our 7 Top Tips on How to Be Happier.

How to be happier

People who are happier are more productive. They get things done and they do more things. They are happier. Yes, of course they have disappointments and sadness, have had terrible things happen in their past, etc. And there are a number of scientifically proven ways that you can increase your happiness. It has a flow on effect to your whole body.

7 Top Tips on How to Be Happier…

  1. Get out more in the fresh air – try and spend 20 minutes a day outside, which will not only help improve your mood, it also improves your thinking and memory. Fresh air is free, get out and enjoy it. Notice shapes and colours of the clouds, trees, flowers, etc. This can be combined with #2 below.
  2. Move your body more – Easier said than done? There are many ways to do this. It might be cleaning, washing windows, clearing out cupboards, etc. One of the best ways is to go for a walk or the gym or try some of the online workouts to find one to suit you. Say “hello!” to others. Combine with #5 below. There are ones for all levels of activity. Even spending 7-10 minutes a day can help improve your happiness and mood, and it is effective in helping to overcome depression.

For those who are movement challenged… listen to an exercise tape or programme and IMAGINE you are doing the exercise Sounds rubbish? Believe me, this can work! I once helped a woman on my weight loss programme, who was in a wheelchair, by making an exercise audio for her of the sport she enjoyed at school. It helped her lose weight!

  1. Stay in touch with family and friends – In these different times it may not always be possible to do that physically. However, staying in touch on Skype or Zoom, or making phone calls can make you happier. Social time can really help, so arrange a meal or get together. Play a game, yes, even online, or ask others to “eat” a meal with you or bring something towards the meal, “pot luck” and that can be a lot of fun.
  2. Practice gratitude – Keep a daily journal of 3 things you are grateful for. You can share with a friend or family member. Go out of your way to show gratitude when others help you, even if it is just allowing you to go though the door first. Thank them and smile.
  3. How to be happier - Alpha HypnosisPractise having energy and smiling – Get out of bed and stand tall and punch your hands high, as if you’ve just won a race. And smile! Hold for 10 seconds. Practice smiling! Not just the “mouth” smile, include your eyes to make it a full-face smile.  And keep practising smiling throughout the day.
  4. Help others who are less fortunate than you – find out where you can volunteer and help others, especially now. Offer your services to a charity or food bank shop. Offer to drive someone to their appointment if they don’t have a car or its broken down. Help out by doing someone’s shopping for them, walk their dog, etc. Keep an eye on your local and nearby Facebook community groups or papers, they often highlight people that need some help.
  5. Reset your brain for happiness – meditation, hypnotherapy, etc. Many of the above if done consistently can help you towards resetting your mind. However, hypnotherapy can make it so much easier to gain that motivation and energy to do them*.

Ok, so this is more than 7 as we like to give you more….

8. Words are so important – By talking negatively to yourself, you are helping perpetrate the downward spiral. Reframe your negative talk into positives. E.g. I can do this! I can’t change my past, but I can change my future!

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